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    hard drive recovery west palm beachWhat should you do next?

    • Disconnect power from the drive immediately
    • Do not try to recover it yourself using software
    • Determine how much it will cost you if you lose the data forever
    • Call us for a free phone consultation

    A Plus Specializes in Data Recovery

    • Clean Room Recovery
    • RAID
    • Clicking Drives
    • USB/ FLASH drives
    • Solid State Drives
    • IDE, PATA,SCSI, SATA HD data recovery

    What exactly does that mean for you?

    98% of your usual computer repair companies do not possess the proper tools, hardware, software utilities, or experience to recover data from 90% of the situations you.

    A Plus has invested thousands of dollars in training and expert data recovery equipment to make sure we can safely recover data from common data loss situations. These include RAID array, Solid State, USB Flash drives, and any mechanical and software problem that you might be facing.

    We have learned over the years through our own experience, that without the right tools and knowledge, a computer company runs the risk of damaging the clients hard drive and making the situation worse. Our engineers have been successfully recovering data in West Palm Beach for many years.

    Hire A Plus to recover your data!

    We can get your data back…

    • Clean Room Recovery
    • PCB Repair Recovery
    • Logical Recovery
    • RAID 0
    • RAID 1
    • RAID 5
    • RAID 10
    • Deleted Files
    • External Hard Drive no Power
    • Emptied Trash Bin
    • Reformatted Hard Drives
    • Broken USB/Thumb Drives
    • Windows Won’t Load
    • System Can’t Find Boot Media
    • Blinking Cursor
    • Stuck check disk
    • Boot disk not found 

    If your hard drive has crashed, your PC is asking you to format it, or you’re getting an un-mountable boot volume message, don’t worry your data is still there.

    Do Not Attempt To Recover The Data Yourself

    DO not open the drive or your data will become irretrievable. The worst thing you can do is try to do it yourself.

    Every failed attempt lessons the chances of a successful recovery by an experienced tech.

    Every rotation of the drive platter will shorten the life of the drive significantly, and even damage the platter completely erasing your data. Time is of the essence here.

    Experienced Clean Room Technicians


    We have experienced clean room engineers who are able to recover the most difficult situations. You can rest assured you are in the hands of the elite in West Palm Beach.

    You need a data recovery expert’s assistance to ensure the highest probability of a successful recovery attempt. Failed attempts may corrupt the drive and the data on it, rendering it unrecoverable.

    Call us now! 561-283-4034

    PC repair data recovery specialists that will get the job done for you every time, satisfaction guaranteed.

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    There is a great chance you can get your data back without a lot of worry or hassle in West Palm Beach. You have come across a highly experienced company in the area of retrieving lost or erased data. Our previous customers are very happy with our services.

    Data Recovery West Palm Beach Can Save The Day

    You may think the word has just stopped rotating because your hard drive crashed and your data is lost forever. You may thing the end of the world has come to your front door because you never listened tot he computer repair tech when he warned you about having a backup of your data. All those times you thought and pondered the idea of going to the store and buying one of those external HD things that will sit on your desk and run all day while you are  trying to do work. Today is the day that you wish you had listened and taken action.

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    • Belle Glade
    • Boca Raton
    • Boynton Beach
    • Briny Breezes
    • Delray Beach
    • Glen Ridge
    • Greenacres
    • Gulf Stream
    • Haverhill
    • Highland Beach
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    • West Palm Beach

    If your harddrive fell off your desk and onto the ground, and now its making all kinds of noise, you cant see it on your screen in windows explorer where you usually see its icon. You just now that something is wrong and its not going to be pretty. You may even start to pack up your desk because when the boss finds out you never got that data back up going like he asked. Better call the best computer repair West Palm Beach you can think of.

    How To Get Quality Data Recovery West Palm Beach

    When you are dealing with the professional PC services, data recovery is not that big of a deal. Most of the times when its just a software or firmware problem the data can be recovered fairly easily and there is about a 90% chance of success with this type of situation.

    Usually there are programs that are highly specialized to go within the broken partition and recovery the data strings and also maybe even reconstruct the folder tree within windows frame work. At this time your files and folders will be fully recoverable and in tact, and you will not have a bunch of data that has no names on it when you get it back. This can be  a relief because f not then your data will be scattered all over the place and you will have to search through heaps of loose data.

    If it is a hardware issue and the platter itself is damaged or any of the working parts then we have another story to deal with. This time the hard drive will have to be sent to a lab where there will be an expensive clean room environment to keep all the dust out fo the air. Then A Plus Computer Support  the hard drive will need to be opened up and inspected and possibly reconstructed if possible.

    One thing for sure is that platter will need to come out of the encasement and have to be put on a special machine in order to slowly and methodically retrieve the data from it. This is an extremely expensive procedure and can take up to two weeks in order to get all the data from the drive. Even if you need computer repair Boca Raton data recovery you can rest assured we have you covered there also.

    Onsite And Offsite Backups in West Palm Beach Data Recovery Prevent Data Loss

    This is why its so much better just to start backing up your drives on to local and cloud backup solutions for your business. We recommend a redundant setup with a local external hard drive and then an online offsite backup for your important frequently accessed files and folders.

    You can have our technicians come out to one of the many locations that we service and set you up with a competent backup solution that will protect you from this kind of disaster. None really knows what kind of disaster this will be until it happens to them. Please do not be like the rest of the poeple and wait till its too late to listen to your computer repair guy.

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