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  • About A Plus Computer Support

    Anyone can call them self a computer tech, there are also many “computer repair companies” in the Palm Beach, Dade, and Broward County areas.

    New clients continue to receive top quality services in all three counties, and most of all we’ve been in business since 2010!

    Why go to large brand name companies for computer support?

    Best Buy, Staples, and Office Depot make money off of people because of the fear of dealing with a smaller local brand for help. Unfortunately people find comfort in large brand names only to be let down.

    Clients come from each of the companies mentioned above, who are consequently disgusted with the level of service and the prices they ask. We provide a level of service you just cannot get from department stores, and our prices are much more reasonable.

    You can have your computer, phone, tablet, or data loss situation correctly, the first time. Our continued success, and growth has been based on this!

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    What is the Fair Rate for IT Services?

    Clients usually base the rate they are willing to pay for IT and computer related services on the value of their computer. Most of our clients have already been burned by another company, because they were charged too much for a mediocre service.

    Personal or business information stored on a computer or network can be sensitive, and private. It’s important to base your decision on the work required, in addition to the professionalism of the company providing it.

    Partnerships Are Important Today

    Whether a local business, or a residential client, it’s important to develop a partnership with a reputable company.

    When you don’t have a company that you are comfortable doing business with you end up rolling the dice when you need help. Gambling with your personal information, as well as your equipment, can be a risky thing.

    We have all heard the horror stories, some have experienced them personally, where the result is total abuse the client’s trust. They go outside the boundaries of where a computer technician should ever venture. Some clients actually suffer because of these actions as they are totally illegal, and very intrusive.

    Finding a trusted computer repair company

    Our staff believes it’s important to take the time to correctly diagnose your computer, and most of all to provide tcost effective solutions.

    The team at A Plus isn’t going anywhere, furthermore we hope you will quickly learn you can trust A Plusto overcome computer challenges.


    Toll Free: 800-684-5889

    Fort Lauderdale: 954-642-2238
    Miami: 786-975-1569
    West Palm Beach: 561-283-4034

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