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  • Onsite Service Areas

    We get asked all the time if we can come to our clients’ home or business, to provide computer support. We absolutely can! Unless money isn’t an issue, it’s our responsibility to evaluate the most cost effective solution to solve your problem.

    Additionally there are certain problems that need to be taken care of in our repair shop, either due to the type of equipment required to solve your issue, or the time it will take to do it at your location.

    Sometimes it’s more cost effective to have a flat rate for service, which we provide in store.

    Never the less, we have techs that can bring the solution to you, where ever you are.

    Application of our Onsite Fees

    When we come onsite we have to charge by the hour, and we have a one hour minimum. We don’t charge for drive time unless the tech has to drive 5 miles or more to your location.

    The kind of work that requires a technician to be onsite, are problems involving your network or internet. For example configuration of printers, shares, and other network related issues.

    Almost every other type of service can be done at our repair center. When we can do this it will be much more cost effective for you, as flat rates are applicable to 90% of the work we might do for you.

    If you are requesting our onsite services because you don’t have transportation to bring your computer in, we may be able to come and pickup your computer. Applicable rates may apply. Every situation is unique, the same way your are!

    Please feel free to call and schedule an onsite appointment. Most of the time we can get a tech out to you within a few hours.

    We provide services in the following South Florida cities: