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  • Computer Repair & Data Recovery Boca Raton

    Boca Raton computer techs are professional and courteous, and able to solve your problems whether at your home or your business. Regardless of your issue, data recovery, computer repair, or Apple troubles, we can help you get back up and working in Boca Raton FL.

    Click here for a complete list of our onsite service locations, where we can come and meet you and solve your computer problems. Our most common PC repair Boca Raton services can be found on this page.

    Typical repair issues we fix every day

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    Onsite PC Repair Services

    When it comes to PC repair services in Boca Raton, there are a few components a technician will be able to deduct and determine how to fix your problem. Depending on the symptom you will either be looking at a hardware or a software issue.

    A hardware issue can be comprised of the motherboard, RAM or memory, the CPU or central processing unit, your hard drive, or any other peripheral part. A basic diagnostics can zero in on the problematic area and achieve a competent game plan to get you back up and running in no time.

    Laptop Repair

    There are many sizes for notebook and netbook PCs. Our A Plus laptop repair Boca Raton clients have been extremely satisfied when it came to repairing their laptop computer. Whether you have broken or cracked your LCD screen, damaged your DC jack port, or just want to upgrade your hard drive A Plus can handle all your requirements.

    If your laptop is not turning on at all you may have a more complex issue like a damaged motherboard. Not to worry we are very successful in repairing motherboards for a fraction of what replacing them might cost.

    Virus Removal

    If you are infected with malware in Boca Raton then you really need expert attention so you don’t lose your data or corrupt your OS during removal. Preserving your data is our number one priority, and that means saving your programs and settings. If your computer is running unusually slow, you cannot connect to the internet, you are getting a blue screen of death error, or any other unusual activity or performance then chances are you are infected.

    Trying to remove the virus yourself is sure to make the computer repair Boca Raton technicians’ job harder and the damage to your computer greater, even including losing some or all of your data.

    Hard Drive Data Recovery

    • Certified Clean Room
    • Head Swaps
    • SSD Drives
    • RAID 0,1,5,6,10
    • NAS and Drobo Devices
    • USB Flash Drive
    • SD/SDHC Cards
    • Laptop & Desktop Drives
    • Apple Macinstosh

    Finding a qualified and experienced data recovery tech can prove to be quite an accomplishment these days. So many companies claim to be knowledgeable with software and hardware recoveries and only ruin the chances of a successful attempt.

    With the platter in a hard drive traveling at up to 7200 RPMs, there is a lot that can go wrong and fast. Having the experience and expertise of a forensics data recovery expert and teacher at our disposal, you can rest assured your data has the best chance of being returned to you in tact. Attempt to recover yourself ONLY if your data is backed up elsewhere.

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    A Plus provides services to residential and commercial accounts in a radius of 15 miles of 200 Florida 808 Boca Raton, FL 33432. We go as far West as the Boca Falls area, and really there is no area we can’t bring the best rated computer repair services to your house or business.