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  • Computer Repair Boynton Beach, FL

    We really appreciate our clients in Boynton Beach, especially when they trust us enough to drive to our office and let us solve their computer problems for them.  When it makes more sense for us to come to you we are more than happy to do so.

    We have quite a few regular clients in the Boynton Beach area who we have built a relationship with over the years, and we would love to add you to the list!

    With so many things to do around town and by the beach, the last thing you need to worry about is your computer or printer not working and holding you up from getting out of the office. (But then again you have probably already been down to the Wildlife Refuge, The Mangrove Natural Park, or the Green Cay Wetlands plenty of times)

    A Plus would like to be the company you can rely on to free you from all the computer and network problems you are bound to face.

    A Plus technicians excel in just about every computer and IT service that you can have a problem with, but we have gone above and beyond in certain areas that require a special level of expertise in order to provide top rate one-stop shop computer service experience.

     A Plus Specializes in Repairing Broken Laptops

    It’s true, we have taken apart or repaired in one way or the other over 1000 laptops in the last few years. Laptops are coming down in price, however there is always the line where it makes sense to repair the one you have.

    We help our clients make those decisions every day. We’re not afraid to tell you when it’s a good excuse to buy a new laptop. Some of our clients don’t have that option, but regardless of status we try to work with everyone on their level.

    Professional data recovery services right here in town

    A Plus data recovery services include USB flash drive and solid-state drive , clean room, firmware related problems and failures, and mechanical failure data recovery.

    When you find yourself in a bind and the data on your hard drive comes up missing for one reason or the other, we have all the utilities needed to get your data back safely for you.  We normally try to educate our customers about the dangers of do-it-yourself data recovery.

    There is a general consensus that believes it’s good to try to recover your data your self and no matter what attempts might fail there’s always a professional data recovery company that is able to get your data back for you. Unfortunately that’s not true, for when the damage is done there’s nothing that can undo it.

    Apple Specialists and Mac Recovery Agents

    Apple puts out a really good product and their MacBook and iMac line, but that doesn’t keep it from having problems. We regularly get calls from the Apple users with all sorts of problems usually with broken screens, flashing folder and question mark issues,  liquid damage, and keyboard replacements.

    Contrary to what some might believe, Apple is not indestructible. Another common service we provide Apple users is data-transfer and recovery. Since Apple won’t back up or recover data when hard drives crash or fail, or when clients need upgrades, we step up and take up the slack providing this service for them at a reasonable rate

    one thing to keep in mind when choosing a computer repair and IT support company in Boynton Beach, is you want to take into consideration legitimacy of the business. Consider the amount of time a particular company has been in business and their reviews.

    One thing we’ve learned since been in business is that you get what you pay for.